But grow in grace, & in the knowledge of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now & for ever. Amen. –II Peter 3:18

Memorize the Bible

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Tips for memorizing:

  • Beginning A New Verse:   Write the verse that you are memorizing with its reference on 3X5 card.  Store all your verses together so that you can take them wherever you go… and probitably use your spare time.

  • DAY ONE:  Say the reference, verse and reference 25 times on the first day.  Date the back of the card so that you know when you began the verse.

  • DAY TWO:  Say the reference, verse and reference 20 times. Mark the back with a “20”.

  • DAY THREE:  Say the reference, verse and reference 15 times. Mark the back with a “15”.

  • DAY FOUR:  Say the reference, verse and reference 10 times. Mark the back with a “10”.

  • DAY FIVE:  Say the reference, verse and reference 5 times. Mark the back with a “5”.

  • SHORT TERM:  Say the reference, verse and reference once a day for the next 45 days.  This is a period of meditation and reflection on the verses you memorized.

  • LONG TERM:  After the 45 days is up . . . review only the reference once a week for 7 weeks.  Then review the verse once a month for the rest of your life!  The verse is now hidden in your heart and God will be able to use it to help you whenever you need it!  Congratulatioins!

    HELPFUL HINTS:  Do your memorizing as early in the morning as you can.  Psalm 63:1 and Proverbs 8:17